Monday, November 12, 2018

Fall Rainy Days

Rainy day and no where to go....take that opportunity to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, read a book or just snuggle on the couch with a great movie. I love to just sit and watch the rain coming down on the trees, flowers and leaves. 

Tonight will be soup night for our family.

Easy Potato Soup

Dice 4 medium potatoes
add: 4 cups of chicken broth
One medium onion diced
boil for 20 minutes 
One cup of shredded carrots
(adding salt and pepper to taste)
One cup of heavy cream
One stick of Butter (use real butter)
Simmer for 20 minutes

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Oh my, where did October go? Halloween and all the festivities at home, school and church. Loads of candy and "special" treats galore.

Now it's time to settle into our next Holiday which is Thanksgiving. So many things to be thankful  appreciative for. Such a joy and so thankful for my family and friends most of all and the many things that we share through the year. All the baking and preparation for such goodies to enjoy with the family on that special day. As a family we share the cooking and we enjoy the tasting of great dishes from each one of our children. Enjoy your family time and share the memories.

Hope and Sunset

Our hope is to be able to end each day in a beautiful way with a Grateful Heart. At the end of the day all we need is Hope, and strength to...