Wednesday, January 10, 2018



Hello to all,

Sorry it has taken me so long.......

Hoping all have had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to this New Year 2018. Well Christmas 2017 rushed right through and our 2018 New Year has already begun.

We had a quiet Christmas with the family and New Year as well. Lot's of fun and laughter. It is always a blessing to listen and watch our children and grandchildren telling their stories and opening gifts however our Christmas is always focused on the real meaning which is the birth of our Savior.

I love the Holidays, but for some it is a sad time. As I have learned with God's help to get through the Holidays after the loss of our son in 2009. There are so many families who struggle and try to understand. I have no words to express an easy method for anyone's grieving, but I can say that thankfully I had a wonderful husband and children and I pray that anyone who has lost a dear loved one that you have much peace and comfort through your days ahead and family to share your time with.

                                             I want to share a few pictures of our family

                                         Here I am helping Brittini decorate her little tree.

                                                                    Chuck and the girls
                    Me, my daughter Karen and 3 granddaughters, Kheri, Kamryn and Hannah
              Above my sweetheart and below is my most favorite Family picture (except for Robbie)
                                                                    SO BLESSED

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